Bienvenue to Brocante Treasures

Bienvenue to Brocante Treasures!

Hello, My name is Amy.
Just over a year ago my family was waiting to find out where we would be making our next move.  I was 3 months pregnant and living in Oslo, Norway at the time.  We had a few ideas of where we might be going, but when my husband called and said our next home would be Paris I thought he was lying.  By July we were on a plane from Oslo to Paris and ready to settle our 3 children in and get ready to meet #4.


Our first year in Paris was so much fun, we welcomed a new baby and traveled and settled in to our new home.  I have always loved vintage treasures.  When we lived in Texas I loved to collect old things and clean them up or repurpose them.  Living in France has taken my love of collecting to a new level.

The word brocante is a French word that refers to second hand trade.  When I see the word Brocante on a roadside sign I get so excited.  A brocante usually looks like a flea market, tables and boxes and piles of gorgeous old items.  There are other names like vide-grenier, foire a tout or march au puce.  Each of these events has a slightly different selection of old items, but they are all a good time.

As I have spent more time visiting different brocantes I have amassed a collection of French vintage items.  I have started collections like I never thought I would be able to. My hope one day is to be able to share my treasures with others, people that are not able to get to France to wander the markets on their own.

I do most of my treasure hunting with my family in tow, that means my husband and 4 children in tow.  We see a lot of beautiful places in France and beyond and we have a lot of fun.




I hope you have fun coming along on our adventures and enjoy sharing in my treasures.




4 thoughts on “Bienvenue to Brocante Treasures

  1. Nice to see you. I’m Elizabeth a french mum of 4 living in Normandy. I saw your comment on Sharon’s blog and I will read your aventures with lots of pleasure. Please forgive my mistakes, I hope you will understand me


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