Blue and White Enamelware

I love Instagram, and @MyIdealMess started a new hashtag this week, #EnamelwareWednesday. I like using hashtags for inspiration and to see what other people do with the same prompt. I have been needing to organized my enamelware collection and seeing this tag gave me just the encouragement I needed to gather all of these beauties. These pieces were all gathered across France and Belgium during our time living in Europe.


There are so many layers of character in here. And that crate, one of my favorite finds in France. DSC_0349

Looking for something in particular? The dark blue tray is a wonderful farmhouse piece. I will be listing a few of these on Etsy and the rest will be coming with me to my fall shows.  My schedule is coming soon. DSC_0357

This 6 is one of the pieces from my personal collection, I love it for our family of 6.DSC_0360

This blue and white check pattern is a full set of pans. DSC_0362

Some of the pieces are a little rough, but I love the character they have. That little dark blue tea pot in front would be so charming with some flowers. I might need to go to Trader Joe’s to get a bouquet. I am feeling inspired.DSC_0364

If you have a piece of enamelware that you would like to share you can head over to Instagram. Make sure you tag @MyIdealMess, the host.


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Recovering with Pinterest

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I had a quick bit of surgery on Thursday and I have been down since then. Today is the first day I have been able to get up and around and sit at the computer. I have been busy on my phone though. I have still been posting pictures on Instagram, mostly from my trip to France earlier in the summer. I have also been back on Pinterest. I forgot how much I love Pinterest, when I have time to really obsess. I have started following a few new people. I have added boards and I have been pinning like crazy. I love going back through old pins to see what I was looking at before and how my tastes have changed or stayed the same.

I love having boards dedicated to different upcoming events so that I can put all of my ideas on a page and then edit down to what I can actually make happen.

I love looking at ideas for projects that will never happen, but I also have quite a few boards for projects that we want to make happen. I love the beauty and encouragement that you can find on Pinterest. You can find my old Pinterest account under Amy Hilton, but I am currently pinning on Brocante Treasures.

Some of my instagram photos are here:

My view from my bed. My husband found this court cabinet at a brocante warehouse in France. This piece is huge and I love it and I love that my husband loves it. The collection of items on top are all special to us as well and it is a wonderful thing to get to look at for days on end.


My Sunday Round Up, a selection of 4 pictures from the last week. IMG_3190

I downloaded a new set of apps by Rhonna Designs. I am still learning how to use them, but I love being able to add text, borders and graphics to my pictures.


While looking for organization ideas for plastic bags I found this tutorial for neatly folding plastic bags. This idea seems so absurd to me, but to my mom it seems totally normal. This might be instituted for our children


My favorite hash tag party right now is #MagpieMonday. It is all about collections. I love wandering through my house and workshop to see what collections I have that I might not have noticed. I also love sharing the stories behind some of my favorite collections. This picture is in our dining room, I love this collection of mirrors.


I have been out of bed long enough now, I am going to go back to pinning and resting. I will hopefully be back with some inspired photos in the next week or so. Unfortunately my surgery was on my stomach so my lifting will be limited for 6 weeks! I am going to have to have to work around that limitation, thankfully I have lots of ‘pin’spiration!

My French Finds

If you have followed me on instagram (@BrocanteTreasures) then you have seen some of these photos. I had an amazing week in France and I found so many great treasures.

This little collection was my first purchase in France. I landed, got in my rental car, and drove to the Porte de Vanves. This HEAVY set of copper, poissionier, tin and brown transfer ware caught my eye. They were not marked, but it is always worth asking for a price. I was so happy to walk away with these treasures, but I also had to carry them for the entire shopping trip. I was well on my way to rebuilding my brocante muscles.


Children’s books in French, antique rebus plates, and an old pair of binoculars.IMG_1712

Would you believe that I was looking for a vintage toy sewing machine for a friend? I was so pleased to find these 2 waiting for me.IMG_1714

I found stacks of these vintage fashion magazines. The graphics are just amazing!IMG_1754

While in Paris I decided I needed a few more pieces of vintage clothing. There are a couple of shops on or near the Rue de Rivoli and I was in vintage clothing heaven. I bought 2 big bags and when I got home to try them on almost every single piece fit. I am thrilled and have already worn a couple of them.


After collecting my treasures in my rental car during the week I was finally able to unload everything when I made it to my place out in the country. This was my haul for the beginning of the week.DSC_0428DSC_0441

I love maps, and my customers always have too. I have a stack of vintage French maps just waiting for your ideas and projects.DSC_0443

These pieces of sheet music are more like pieces of art. I was able to get a stack of works still ready to play or waiting for your next project.DSC_0446

Copper, rebus plates, a statue, and a coffee grinder.


This set is currently available in my Esty Shop, Brocante Treasures TX. It is a petite little set, but absolutely gorgeous. IMG_2717

More of those itty bitty little smalls that are so intriguing, and easy to pack. DSC_0459

From my morning in Caen. Do you know what came home with me from this photo?DSC_0535

If you guessed the enamelware pitchers, you were correct! This Ouest France bank sign is amazing as well. Did you even notice the crate tucked in behind? I love my sidewalk loot shoots and the crazy looks I get from people. IMG_2009

Here is my one furniture purchase for the trip. It is a gorgeous plate rack. It is a good thing I have plenty of plates to fill it up with. IMG_2051

In one shop I almost missed this sweet enamel coffee pot, can you believe that?! If I have the time I love to walk around a store or a market from both directions. IMG_2102

Here are the treasures that will be making their way home to me at another time. See anything that catches your eye?IMG_2285

These two are not for sale, but aren’t they pretty? Brown is my color that I have decided to collect for myself and these pieces could not be left behind. IMG_2137

And of course, more buttons. IMG_2141

My very last purchase the morning I left. How adorable are these two? IMG_2181

I hope you enjoyed this extended loot shoot from my trip to France. If you see anything that caught your eye you can check on my Etsy page or contact me directly.

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Chateau Malmaison, The Bonaparte Home

When we lived in France we lived just outside the city limits. We had vehicles and we were able to explore the surrounding areas quite a bit. One of my favorite places just outside of Pairs is Chateau Malmaison, Josephine’s house. There are signs for this chateau, as it is tucked away in Rueil Malmaison. There is an informative audio guide that tells quite a bit of Josephine and Napoleon’s story, that revolves a great deal around this home.


Josephine purchased this home while Napoleon was on his campaign in Egypt. DSC_0240

Unfortunately the house and contents were auctioned off, after Josephine died, to pay her debtors.DSC_0242

They have done an incredible job of finding objects from the home and returning them or replacing them. Just look at these chairs.DSC_0244

This is the entry way to the home, I could spend all day here.IMG_2757

I have visited this chateau several times over the years, and each time I visit I see something new. There are so many details that I adore. DSC_0247

Even just this corner has so much to see. DSC_0250

The paintings on the walls are gorgeous. DSC_0251

Because of renovations all of the shutters for this room had to remain closed, so I couldn’t get a great photo. The floral paintings in this room are so inspiring.DSC_0255

An obelisk tucked in the backyard, a nod to Napoleon and his Egyptian escapades. DSC_0259

Statues and art are everyday. DSC_0260

This floor has been my favorite spot since the first time I saw it. The black and white floor with such an interesting pattern is just the best thing ever. DSC_0261

One of the staff members saw me listening attentively to my audio guide and taking pictures as I went. The staff person moved one of the barriers to that I could get in the right angle to take this shot. He didn’t speak any english, but he looked so pleased to have helped me. DSC_0263DSC_0264DSC_0265DSC_0266

I used one of the large mirrors to grab a quick selfie. DSC_0268

More little hand painted lovelies.DSC_0270

This room is what inspired my green velvet obsession. DSC_0271

Mr. Helpful returned and closed these doors for me so I could get the full affect. DSC_0274

This is Napoleon’s desk, it has a shelf that you can hide the documents you are working on in a moment. There is also a passage way from this room to his bedroom upstiars.DSC_0279

This painted ceiling is so special.DSC_0286

A detail of a candlabra. DSC_0289

This detail of the wood floors is so simple, yet so stunning.DSC_0292

Wonderful afternoon light.


A very handsome Napoleon bust, having a Mr. Dacrcy moment here. DSC_0310

One of four Napoleon Crossing the Alps that were commissioned, this painting is BIG.DSC_0311

Painted border.DSC_0314


Furniture detail.DSC_0318

The sconce with the painting detail, it is just gorgeous. DSC_0325

Unfortunately Josephine’s room was closed this visit. So the next stop were the gardens.

Here is a lemon tree, Josephine loved her lemonade.DSC_0327

Josephine was born on a Caribbean Island, and she brought her love of exotic plants with her. She was responsible for bring over 200 species of plants to France. At one time these gardens were amazing, they are slowly being brought back.DSC_0330

The grounds used to be quite expansive, while they are much smaller now than they used to be, it is still an oasis in a very busy world.DSC_0331

This statue was hidden out in the forest, there is always something else to see. DSC_0336

On my way back to the front I wandered through the gardens.DSC_0346

These gardens might not  be as grand as they once were, but they were still pretty beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in them.DSC_0347

I hope you enjoyed your tour through Chateau Malmaison.

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Brocante Treasures Back in France

Here are a few more of the photos I took while in Paris. Mont Valerian with the American Cemetery in the background.DSC_0026

From the park in Mont Valerian you can see this view of La Defense. I love the old buildings in the foreground with the super modern buildings in the background. This is so representative of life in France.DSC_0024

Another view from Mont Valerian, it was a beautiful day to enjoy these amazing views.DSC_0022

Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur and the beautiful flowers of summer time in Paris. DSC_0071

I woke up at 5:15 one morning so I could trek here, Sacre Coeur. The sun rose and the pink glow was stunning. There were not many people around that early in the morning and I loved having the area to myself. DSC_0076

This photo was taken from Montmartre facing north, away from Paris. DSC_0098

So. Many. Stairs. That day I made it my job to climb as many stairs as possible.


Next stop was Notre Dame. The sun was still on its way up and I was rewarded with greeting the city as she woke up.


I was able to walk right in the church with no line and listen to a beautiful mass. IMG_2532

Then an expat friend joined me for a climb up to the top of Notre Dame. It was great to have a friend encourage me up the 380 stairs and the views were totally worth it. DSC_0143

No hunch back sitings here with the bell.


The views were so rewarding.DSC_0135

You can see one of the famous gargoyles with Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower.DSC_0139

Au Petit Bonheur la Chance is a wonderful little store on Rue Saint Paul. Unfortunately the day I went most of the stores were closed, they take their weekend on Tuesday and Wednesday. This little shop was open and they have so many wonderful collections.DSC_0153

You can follow them on instagram and see their treasures for yourself.DSC_0154

Walking through the Tuileries to visit the Louvre.


Paris is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, and it was just as beautiful as I remembered. I know the world is a scary place right now, but I hope that I am never too afraid to explore.

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I’m Back

I had an amazing trip to France at the end of June and beginning of July. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw my adventures and loot shoots from France. I have so many more photos and stories that I am anxious to share with you. Here is one of the first photos I took while in France. Flowers and the Eiffel Tower are pretty representative of Paris to me. I will have more pictures and stories for you soon.


Now I am busy unpacking from a family vacation, when I got back from France we went on a 2 week family road trip to see both of our families. We just got home last night and it was so nice to sleep in my bed after 3 whole weeks away. Now to organize my treasures. I will let you all know when I  have new listings on Etsy.

Going Back to France

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to tell you that I am headed back to France next week on a quick trip. I will be visiting friends, sight seeing and of course, shopping! It is almost exactly 1 year since our family left France to move back to Texas.  We completely loved our time living in France and I am so happy that I get to go back.

I will be visiting as many of my favorite spots  as I can and collecting as many treasures as I can. I will aslo be taking pictures and sharing on my instagram @BrocanteTreasures.

As I was going back through our photos here are a couple of my favorites. Loot shoots and sight seeing are how I worked my way across France, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland. This trip will only be in France, but I will have some new adventures I can guarantee that.

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